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Gong for the Departing Souls (Death and Dying)

This is the third Gong Polish weekend to be taught in Sweden, after The Gong's Sonal Colours and Gong to relieve Trauma.

I am looking forward to sharing this with you: Its subject may not be an easy one, but it can be most helpful to every incarnated being, as one thing is certain: We and our loved ones are going to leave our bodys one day. And embracing this consciously can help us live the days until this one to the fullest.

„Crossing the Hour of Death“ is one of the most important yogic exercises to experience and pass on to others.

  • How to play a gong meditation to „rehearse dying“?
  • How to open an exchange and teaching around this, which is inspiring, sensitive and open for manyfold spiritual perspectives, believes and emotions?
  • How can we use the gong to help those who are in the process of dying, or even those souls who have already departed?
  • Is the gong capable of supporting their travel into the ethers? These techniques can give relieve also to the loved ones these souls are leaving behind.
  • And how to close this realm safely enough for us to re-focus on the living?
  • Or, a bit more practical: How to play the gong on occations like a funeral?

On the other hand, how can we lead a „rebirthing“ session with the intention of giving a new start to client's nervous system, psyche and vibration?

I had the honour or playing for departing souls many times – be it clients preparing to depart, friend's parents or lost souls, if I'm called to do so. Increasingly, I am finding the gong a transcendental instrument of communication. Having taught the modules on dying as part of the Silver Agers Kundalini Yoga Specialty Teachers Training, I developed and am regularly leading workshops called „ars moriendi“ (the art of dying), open to all that are interested. I am busy preparing a new workshop with my colleague Monique Siahaya in the Netherlands by the title „Death is a part of Life's circle). This will be the third time I am teaching the Subject of death and dying to graduate gong players.

This Gong Polish advanced training is schelduled for

August 16, 3 pm, through Aug. 18, 12 am, 2024, 

at Saran Yoga, Offerdal, Jämtland

Price of participation is SEK 3.700

plus delicious veggie-food and accomodation at Saran paradise.

If you have questions on this weekend, are interested in participating, or just want to sign in, please tell me in a mail.

Many blessings, Ada Devinderjit

For further information, please contact:
Ada Stefanie Namani * Devinderjit (from Hamburg)
www.white-sound.com * info@devinderjit.de
Tel.: +49 162 608 33 89 * Skype: ada.namani