Logga Saran Yoga

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Volonteering at Saran Yoga Recreation Center

Bruksgården in Jämtland, Sweden!

Come and enjoy refreshing wild nature, yoga, meditation and

contribute to this beautiful Yoga Recreation Center.

A typical day

7:00 Sadhana (Kundaliniyoga)

8:15 Breakfast

9:00 Farm job with tea break

12:00 Principle meal

15:00 Farm job with tea break

18:00 Light evening meal

20:00 Gong-Relaxation or Meditation / Bhakti

22:00 Silence

The times are approximate and we will definitely adapt to the weather and season 😊.

Count about 4-6 hours of work/day.

After several years of searching, we now have found the place of our dream in Jämtland for the

Saran Yoga Recreation Center

in a very beautiful area in Jämtland, Offerdal, situated in the south of Sapmi, the indigenous land of northern Scandinavia.

Near the mountains, clear lakes, deep forests, fresh air and strucking silence.

The farm needs renovation and we are now inviting volonteers to help us restore its beauty. 

Staying with us at the farm, you will have the oppurtunity to enjoy the naure and silence, restore yourself with yoga in the morning, meditate, relax in the evening to the Gong playing and be lifted up by vegetarian organic food we prepare together. You stay with us with free lodging and food and in return you work with us with different tasks.

It can be anything from grinding, painting, scraping old paint, repairing windows, carrying, carving, cooking, cleaning, going to the wastedump, making signs, etc.

The farm is absolutely alcohol and drug-free. We have four cats at the farm, but the bedrooms are free from cats.

There are many execursions available in the area: climbing Oldklumpen 879 m, for example - panoramic views of the mountains of Jämtland and Norway - or visiting Olden's old chrystal mine - or Gärde's moose petroglyphs from 7000 years ago. Or kayaking, hiking, skiing and running with dog team depending on the season.


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